The War of Consoles - PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One

After telling you about technology in the world or robots, now we want to cover the gaming world. Two giant companies are “fighting” each other to the death to prove who is actually the best one. The battle of PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One is not avoidable. The latest PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft are both evolving to be the strongest or the best console that dreamt by every gamer around the globe.

The Great Battle

PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One : Which One You Should Pick ?

Both of them are having the slimmer design, bigger capacity and a lot of exclusive games that are really eye-catching.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer nice sets of entertainment. The Xbox One with its choices of entertainment and PlayStation 4 with its very friendly UI and tons of amazing exclusive games. After knowing that both of them are actually worth getting, it becomes harder to decide which one 
that you should get.

That’s why in this article, we want to provide some highlight points from both of them to prove which one is the best or most suitable for you.


Let’s start with the price. Price is the factor that everyone thinks about when buying something. The new PlayStation 4 1TB slim version will cost you about $300. With bundles like Spiderman or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Bundle, you just need to add about $30-$50.

The Xbox One however, has a cheaper price. For a price of $236, you can get the Xbox One S 1 TB Console completed with bundles like Minecraft, Battlefield V, or Starter Bundle which containing NBA 2k19 Bundle and Echo Dot for only $20 added price.

So from this, we can see that Xbox One products are clearly cheaper than PlayStation 4. Even though it’s completed with the bundles, the price of the Xbox One still more affordable than the latest Sony’s Console, PlayStation 4. So, the winner in the price category is the Xbox One.

The Hardware Factors

Now, let’s talk about the design of both products first in this hardware section of PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 Slim and Xbox One S are impressively slim, it’s easy to pack them when you want to travel somewhere for a long time. The corners of PlayStation 4 Slim are dulled, not as sharp as Xbox One S’s, in order to make it safer to grip or hold.

PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One : Which One You Should Pick ?
For the bigger consoles, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, there’s a nice catch. That ultimate version of Xbox One which said to be more powerful than Pro is surprisingly slimmer.

Other than that, The PlayStation 4 is one of two consoles that support Virtual Reality. With it, the user can also enjoy the more engaging and movie-like games besides playing the usual games. Aside from those, there are other games that can be educational for the kids. Microsofts on the other side doesn’t have a plan yet to bring VR technology to its products.

In this point, the winner is Playstation 4 with its full support to Virtual Reality and more attractive looking console plus the better resolution for games.


Xbox One has the backward compatibility. So for all the gamers out there who have large collections of Xbox 360 games, they can play them again in this very console. There are more than 400 hundreds of games that fully supported with the famous titles such as Gears of Wars and Mass Effect series.

You can play the old games to in PS4, but for a price. The classic PS2 games can be played with better resolution and trophies.  The users can also enjoy the PlayStation Now services in order to stream many next-gen games. Xbox One also has the same service with the name of Xbox Game Pass.

In the Compatibility, Xbox one clearly wins it because of its backward compatibility plus the Xbox Game Pass that can give the users even more interesting games for a price.

Exclusive Games

The next section to battle PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One About the exclusive games, Playstation 4 has so many hit games such as Spiderman, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and also the game that won Game of The Year Award 2018, God of War.

Xbox One, on the other hand, is also having popular party games that are fun to play with friends like Forza Horizon 4, Sunset Overdrive, and also the one and only PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

With the hit and award-winning games, PlayStation 4 beats it.

Overall, with the user-friendliness that is more better and also large collections of wonderful hit games, Playstation 4 is our favorite. The Xbox One, however, should be suitable for people who want to enjoy other services besides gaming like stream 4K Blu-rays and play them well in 4k.

Yes, both of them are clearly equipped so well in order to facilitate the gamers and general consumers. It’s very confusing to buy one from them. But to us, the PlayStation 4 is our favorite.

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