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The futuristic vision that given a long time ago about the robots that live side by side with humans is like coming alive now. Many tech companies around the globe are now developing the best robots not only for entertainment like in the Robot Restaurant but also for helping our life better. 

They are completed with the friendly human interactions in order to make them look more “natural” on the society. Well, have you heard about the female android named Sophia? 

Hanson Robotics

This beautiful humanoid robot is actually developed by Hanson Robotics, a tech company based in Hong Kong, China. That company itself is the creator of many interesting robots such as Jules, Alice, Zeno, Prof. Einstein, Albert HUBO, Diego-San, and many others. The Hanson Robotics really focus on making the human-like robots with rich personality to interact with the people with their motto “We bring robots to life”. 

They can even eye contact with the person they talk to, having a face recognition feature and also a feature to help them understand a language in order to hold a natural conversation.

However, each one of their robots is equipped with a special material called Frubber. Like the Sophia Robot and her friends, that very material is a nanotech skin which is really similar to human skin. With this material, the robots can maintain their physical emotion and expression effectively. The quality, however, is also very high.

You can witness the real look of all of their skin right away directly or via the internet.


Sophia Robot

After talking to you about the company who created and developed her, let’s take a look at our friend Sophia. Sophia is the second latest robot from the company. Her name itself means Wisdom (Greek). And that’s why she’s here for. Based on the official page of Hanson Robotics, Sophia was developed as a helper for the people in the field of technology education and health. 

Sometimes in the future, she can teach the children and also helping in research for medication.

But, the ultimate goal of her creation is to be a being that would be very useful in society. She herself and her creators hope that people like us can live together as friends. So humans and AI can be useful for each other. Creating the mutualism symbiosis that we’ve seen in so many futuristic movies.  

Sophia Intelligence Collective

However, as a hybrid of men and AI input, Sophia uses the collective intelligence that named after herself, Sophia Intelligence Collective (SIC). In the way of developing SIC, the human inputs came from many experts like AI Scientists, Artists, Philosophers, Psychologists and Writers from all the different cultures, ethnicities and even gender orientations who working together to create the ideal AI.


Another wonderful thing is, Sophia AI can give her own behaviors, her own emotions and ways of thinking. That’s why we’ve seen her talking hilariously with some random people. With this, she can learn something new from the people she talks to. 

She could learn some values that we have in our life. And from there, she could finally achieve her ultimate goal as a living being.

Now, after we explained to you about the Sophia robot, let’s take a bit look at the latest robot in the company that named after Sophia itself, Little Sophia.

Little Sophia

Little Sophia Robot

Little Sophia is now currently in development and ready to be in your house somewhere in 2019. Different like Sophia, which is the research and custom character robot, this Little Sophia is actually a consumer robot, which means a robot that you can actually have for your own. 

Just like her big sister, Little Sophia can also show different expressions, emotions, and also behaviors. Little Sophia can be really useful. Just like us humans, she can talk, walk, learning new things, play games, and telling stories, and being a great friend for kids. Aside from those, she can also teach you many things like coding, robotics, the world of AI, Virtual Reality and many more. 

But, in order to reach her full potential, you need to take good care of her and giving the extra information which can be used later.

Just wait a little longer, she will greet us in 2019. 

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