Android 3DS Emulator : Is It Possible Now?

Aside from the robotic world, the technology also approached a device that we used almost every day, the smartphone. In these days, it’s not easy to be apart from our personal phone because of so many reasons. There are people who wouldn’t leave it because, on their phone, there are their important data that they need every day.

As a daily consumer, we often use the phone for so many things, especially to explore social media and chatting with other people. And another benefit of having a smartphone is the ability to play the game in basically everywhere. Who doesn’t want that?

Android 3DS Emulator : Is It Possible Now?

Gaming These Days

During these busy times, some people can’t afford to play some games because of their productive activities. Because of that, the items like consoles are not relevant anymore for people who are working.

That’s why the smartphone is very useful. Aside from using it for productivity, people can also use it as a source for entertainment like playing games. The consumers are given very easy access to get all the apps via available stores, like the Play Store and Apple Store that can facilitate them with free game applications.

But, for the gamers, usually the phone games are actually can be pretty boring, even after just a week. This because of the games only have the repetitive gameplay and the important things like the story and deep characterizations cannot be found inside them.  So, they can’t get the excitement and feeling of accomplishment after playing the games sometimes.


The emulators are coming as solutions. The emulator is an app that can be installed to smartphones in order to play games that exist in game consoles. With that, you can play your favorite old games in your very phone. So, you can have all the things that you cherish from them such as the interesting story, wonderful gameplay and iconic characters on the go.

After the releasing of PSP and PS1 emulators, many people out there are very happy about them. They started to install all their favorite games and play them every time everywhere. Some famous games like Crash Team Racing, Tomba, Hogs of War, and other PS1 games are surely supported in FPSE or other PS1 emulators.

For the PSP emulator, people can enjoy playing very complex games such as Monster Hunter series that very fun to play, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and also the exclusive horror games like Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

With all this opportunity, the developers out there actually have a chance to create all the console game emulators for smartphones. And now, the one that needed the most is the Android 3DS Emulator.

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld console that known for having such interesting games. Most of the games are always family-friendly. But, there are also some games who are always eye-catching and challenging everytime you play them like Monster Hunter Generations and Pokemon Series.

For the people who don’t own the device, there are multiple 3DS emulators out there. But, there are always troubles that really annoying the gaming experience. With all the bugs, pixel errors, and many other stuff, the gamers who are hoping for a nice and working 3DS emulator were very disappointed.

The Actual Working 3DS Emulator

Android 3DS Emulator : Is It Possible Now?

After sometimes, we can finally witness the working Android 3DS Emulator, the emulator that we all need, The Citra Emulator. This emulator has so many supported games that can be played everywhere.

The games are categorized on some levels, like Perfect, Great, Okay, to the Won’t Boot one which clearly not playable at all. In the perfect category, there are the people’s favorite games such as Dr. Marion, Mario Party, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and many others. There are also some games that can be educational media for kids, like Pokemon Art Academy.

In the playable section, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Detective Pikachu can be played with only minor glitches. Other than those two categories, the games left still in testing and may be released later. In order to know earlier, you should check their compatibility list for your favorite games.

This is a very good news for everyone who’s hoping for a nice and stable Android 3DS Emulator. Citra is the thing that you should get. At least we can play some hit games first and waiting for the others to come in the future. But, in order to play all the games smoothly, you still need a decent phone that can meet the specifications for the emulator.

With the 3DS being emulated so well this time, it’s not an impossible thing to emulate high-end console games like in PlayStation 4 or maybe XBOX One. Of course, we need to wait for so many years for them to come. But don’t worry, we have lines of emulator that we can play while waiting for more advanced ones.  

Can You Get It for Free?


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