Android 9 : All You Need to Know

Cupcake, Donut, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, to the last Oreo. No, we’re not talking about edible foods. After talking about the world of robotics, now we’re talking about series of an Operating System that developed by Google, Android.

The Android 9 or Pie, is the latest version of this OS. In this latest installment, Google brings some helpful features. Are you familiar with it? What’s this newest version all about? What are those “interesting” features? Here’s some information for you.

Short History

This version of Android P is the ninth main update version of Android. At first, it was already introduced back in the first quarter of 2018. The first developer preview was launched on March 7th, which is the date when it’s first announced.

Actually, there are four different developer previews that done in 2018, starting from the  7th March, which is the first release of this Android P. 

The final one was actually the release of this version’s final beta in the late July 2018.

Some google Pixel phones, especially Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 that known to be a powerful phone to play games and emulators, are supposed to have the latest android version. Even though the Pixel 2 users should do an update first. So let's see what's new in this version of Android.

New Features

Android 9 : All You Need to Know - Little Crazy Tech
App Actions Predictions

You don’t need to do anything else because there’s app actions prediction that will make your task runs more smoothly. This is very useful for daily activities like phone tasks for morning commute schedule, performing work tasks, and even simple thing like connecting headphone. You can also switch apps with more ease now via gesture. Buttons are not relevant anymore.


The system supports multiple cameras. So, the users can stream through different devices with supported features like Bokeh and Include Depth. This example of this device is the one with dual cameras. However, this system also supports the use of external cameras like USB or UVC.

HDR Movies and Audio Support

Devices with Android Pie also completed with HDR Movies and Audio capabilities, meaning that the users can have a wonderful experience from seeing videos from Youtube or any other platform like Google Movies with more detailed pictures while having a richer and clearer quality of the sound.


Well, playing games or streaming videos will eventually drain your phone’s battery. But, this system gives the opportunity for the phone to save more via adaptive battery feature. The apps that you don’t use frequently will not drain your battery anymore. So, you boost up the single charge to your phone.


Sometimes it’s hard to notice how long you use your phone in a day. The dashboard can help you to identify how much time you spend on your phone and the apps you use. Aside from those, you can also see all the notifications regarding your phone and check the data used on apps.

The Display

Android 9 : All You Need to Know - Little Crazy Tech
Here’s the display of this 9th version of Android which can be more adaptive than before. It has the feature called Adaptive Brightness that can be adjusted automatically based on your behavior. The phone will follow your feature. This can save much battery.

Other than that, there are two other features :

  • Cutout for display, which is especially for the phone with cutout
  • Supported aspect ratio : 18:9 and higher

It’s cleaner and more responsive, taking away anything that can make your phone lagging. This Pie’s version is clearly cleaner and convenient.

App Timer

With the help from the dashboard, you can also set the limit for certain apps. This is very useful for saving battery and data at a certain time during a day. For now, you can set the timer daily for all the apps that you have on your phone.

You can also use the Wind Down feature, which can set when your phone is ready to sleep. The screen will be colored in grayscale and all the notifications will be shut down in Do Not Disturb Mode.

From all the features that we can see above, the Android 9.0 can be really useful for with its adaptive and updated features. Now, there are only some phones that granted with an update to Pie. But in the future, it’s not impossible for all high-end devices to receive the same update. So let’s wait and see.

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