Robot Restaurant Tokyo : Amazing Things You Can Find

Amazing Things Inside Robot Restaurant Tokyo
Japan is indeed a country that filled with so many unique things. Things like Anime and J-Pop are becoming a trend now, attracting audiences from all over the world. Japan is also known as country that has more advanced technology. In this very country, you can see the giant companies that produce all the interesting games that we play today on our beloved consoles.
However, as you may know already, Japan is also known to be a country with advanced robotic technology and also delicious foods. What if those two aspects are combined into one? The result is quite amazing, The Robot Restaurant Tokyo.

What Is It?

So, what’s this place all about? The Robot Restaurant is a specially themed restaurant and also bar with pop culture performances that related heavily in one topic, the wonderful robotics. Inside the restaurant, you can some eye-opening stuff like lasers, dancers who are using futuristic clothing, an actual robots performance, and many more.

The Music inside this place is really loud and heart pumping. From all the decorations from outside, many people are interested to enter. Aside from attracting the local tourists, this place is also a well-known place for all the foreign tourists who visit Tokyo.

When entering this combined place of restaurant and bar, the visitors will experience the one and a half hours of entertainment. Surely, visiting this place should be a very memorable moment for any tourists out there.


In case you’re wondering, the location of this place is right in the Kabukicho 1-7-1, Shinjuku, Tokyo. It’s actually not far from Shinjuku City Office Main Building and the famous Samurai Museum.
This place is also very easy to notice, remembering that there’s the giant ROBOT RESTAURANT sign that can be seen easily.

What's Inside?

Now, for the ultimate question that needs an answer, what’s inside this Robot Restaurant Tokyo? Right near the entrance, you need to pay first for about  8000 Yen (which is like 72 dollars). You can also do booking online at their official site. However, you need to come at least 30 minutes before the show starts if you want to pay on the spot. If you late, your reservation will be canceled.

Also, you’ll be greeted with two big robot ladies that sometimes moving and scare the kids. People are always taking pictures with them before entering the place. On the street, there are robots who invite people to come.

For the people who are still confused about the way to reach the restaurant, they can also order the shuttle bus service exclusively for them. With this, the visitors don’t need to worry because the bus will pick you up right from the hotel.

So let’s continue to explore. The schedule for everyday performances is basically the same. There are about four stages that will be held in every single day. Starting from the first one that opens from 15.00 to the main show at 16:00. The second one starts from 16:45 to 17:55. Third stage from 19:00-19:50. And the last stage from 21:00 – 21:45.

Inside the restaurant, you can enjoy some drinks first before actually witnessing the great battle of robots. The performances are always eye-catching and really go on the full speed. The audiences are glued to their chairs as an array of attracting dancers, singers, and the other performers who will take you the world or robots, at least for about 90 minutes.

There will be drum performance, robots, titans, and fictional characters that you may witness in cartoon or anime. Each performance brings more excitement and more excitement to the audience.

Even though they look so bizarre and random, but these performances will surely be remembered by all. With the neons, robots, dances, laugh, and songs, the night would be one of the best one.

For some people who also want to enjoy a calmer performance, they can go watch the Robot Resturant Chorus which located near the bar. There are nine singers in total who will amaze everyone in the bar. Even though it looks very contrast, but it's still a wonderful thing to enjoy in this restaurant.

In the middle of the show, the restaurant serves snacks and drinks for the audience. They can buy them starting from 1.00 to 1.500 Yen. They sell three types of meal here that consist of Food A, B, and C. If you’re ordering the Food A, you can get Grilled Beef Dinner Box with mineral water. For the Foo B, there’s a Japanese style Dinner Box and mineral water. The Food C consists of a simple set of Robot Sushi with mineral water.


The Tokyo Robot Restaurant is always good for people who want to have some fun in Tokyo. Everything is always so memorable and random. Each perfomence will leave a wonderful memory of laugh, crazyness, and excitement. That’s why, to us, this place is surely a must-visit place in Tokyo. The 8000 yen you paid on the entrance is always worth it.

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