Shotspotter Technology – 3 Simple FeaturesThat Can Save Your Life

As you may know already, technology is really helpful for basically everything in our lives. Aside from using it more scientific purposes, like improving the basic system to create a helpful humanoid robot companion like Sophia for example.

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However, the use of technology also very applicable to our daily lives. It can help us to prevent all the bad things that will come to us. For example, you can use advanced technology to detect gun violence, by using the Shotspotter.

Shotspotter is a great help to detect gunshot that always been a critical issue, especially in the country like America. Gun-related killing is increasing throughout the year. This because of the fact that people are owning guns now. Despite its danger, guns are like getable security tools now.

Gun Violence in America

Shotspotter Technology

Based on a research by Small Arms Survey in 2017, 40% Americans own a gun. They also say that they keep at least one gun in their house in order for protection. Whether the purpose is true or not, the numbers keep increasing from previous years.

Shotspotter Technology

In America, there is 64% homicide with gun-related killings in 2016. That percentage also shows us that more than 10.000 deaths (murdered) in America were related to firearms, while the other countries like Canada, Australia, and England only have less than 40%. ( from FBI)

Even in this January alone, based on Gun Violence Archive,  there is about 2.357 number of incidents, starting from 13 to 17 January. Off them, 665 were confirmed dead. 

Shotspotter Technology

Also in this very month, there are about 11 mass shootings starting from January 1st in Florida, where 5 people injured, to the last horror in Owensboro, Kentucky January 17th, causing 1 injured and 3 dead. 


Shotspotter exists in order to prevent those things to happen again, or at least minimize them. In order to make the environment safer, they use the three main features that can be really helpful, like Gunshot Detection, The Precise Location, and also the forensic analysis.

Shotspotter Technology

They also created Shotspotter in order to eliminate all the risks regarding gunshot incidents. For example, all this time, there are only 20% of the incidents that reported to 911. Making it harder for the Police to understand the situation.

There’s also a delay in for getting information to the Police from 911. Because of the delay, Police can arrive late. Within that time, the suspects can even run away or maybe do even worse, This will negatively effects the relation between community and Police Department. 

Shotspotter will eliminate the risks with its main features.

Main Features

So, the Shotspotter technology will give these main features, like :

1. Better to Detect Gun Incidents

The ability to detect the indication and location of a gun incident. Almost 90% of the incidents are reported in less than a minute. A fast track to the location can be really helpful aid for the victims. Police can also get in time for collecting evidence via searching the location and asking witnesses.

2. Protecting Officers

Besides giving the precise information about the gun incident, Shotspotter also gives the officers the detailed report about the incident, for example, there are more than one, the presence of semi-auto weapons, or numbers of round fired. This can give an opportunity for a Police officer to ask for backup in only a short time. 

3. Building Better Connection

With the fast and consistent responses for the Police toward the incidents, the community would be happier. Thus, the face of law enforcement can be way better as a guardian team who ready to protect and aid them in needs.

4. Improved Evidence Collection

Like mentioned in the second point above, without a delay reporting time from 911, officers can get to the location shortly, collecting as many evidence as possible regarding the incident. There’s the possibility of witnesses still be present in the area, and even the culprit behind this can be spotted if they arrive early.

How It Works

Shotspotter Technology

Many of you wonder, how this thing works? With all the buildings and stuff around the location of your city, how is the detection can be possible? The technology of an accurate gunshot detection doesn't come in a flash. They need 20 years to perfect it and eliminate the challenges. 


The software will filter the sound of a gunshot. First, it filters all surrounding sounds including cars, people, and the others. Then, if it finds a “pulse”, the characteristic sounds of gunfire, from the sensors. It at least three pulses is detected, then the software will send data to the cloud servers.


Compares the sound with a large database of gunfire via machine classifier, after classifying the sound and algorithm to determine the distance. If it finally classified as gunfire, then the data will be sent to their experts in Incident Review Center for analyzing and tell the information to the police.


If the gunfire incident is confirmed, Shotspotter sends the alerts to law enforcement via mobile, desktop, or browser apps. The process of identifying gun sound and sending alert will take about 60 seconds.

The Actual Results

The results of this Shotspotter software can be seen from the law enforcement organization. The Police Commander in Denver Colorado, Michael Calo said that there’s a 159% increase in the cartridge recovery because of Shotspotter. 

Allwyn Brown and David Salazar, Chief of Police in Richmond California and Police Captain in Milwaukee Wisconsin, both said that this software is a great help to increase improve the officers’ job and in the same time, makes the community understand that Police do care. 

There’s also a decrease in gun incident volume per square mile in Oakland. In 2017, there’s a 71% reduction from 671 incidents in 2012 to only 197 in 2017.

Now, there are more than a hundred cities in America that use the Sharpshooter service. Each one of them gives an outstanding result from the software. The reducing in shooting victims, homicide by gunfire and incidents, are only some benefits from many. 

If you want to have the Shotspotter service in your city or campus, you can always contact them.


It’s better to prevent than sorry. With the existence of technology like this Shotspotter, we can minimize the number of victims in gun violence. Police and the community will get better results for it. Seeing the quite amazing results, we think that it’s the best time to provide the safety to your school and community. Because losing the loved ones, is clearly unbearable.

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