Tesla Virtual Reality Suit - 6 Awesome Things You Need to Know

  1. What is It?
  2. CES 2019
  3. The Details
  4. Main Features
  5. Potentials
  6. VR Suit Price

Technology is getting a bit crazier this year. Aside from the useful update of Android, the world is now attracted to the virtual reality world. We’re talking about the devices that can make you see everything in the visual environment.

We can experience some unusual things there, without even being in there. We can feel the immersive experience of seeing movies and playing games, without adding more risks to us. However, this VR technology seems to be a way to develop entertainment, to build more interesting and immersive media to the people, like for seeing the 360 movies or playing the Virtual Reality social game that is a thing now.

But, on the other hand, the development of Virtual Reality Technology is also useful for educational and scientific purposes. Putting down the harm risks and getting a lot of informational statistics. 

The VR headsets are the devices for seeing the virtual environment only. We can’t taste the experience of touching and feeling the actual condition of it. But, all of it will be much more complete with this Tesla Virtual Reality Suit.

What is It?

So what’s the catch here? The Tesla Virtual Reality Suit is an advanced technology product by Tesla suit that was first introduced back in 2015 ago in a video by Tesla suit Dev Team. That very video is basically just telling us about the first prototype of the product.

Later on, in 2016, there was a Kickstarter for this Tesla Suit, and it was promoted in one of the Seeker channel videos (entitled “This Virtual Reality Suit Let You Experience Touch”).

Moving to 2017, the suit then introduced back in VRX Europe 2017, showing the first main features like motion capture system and temperature control system to the participants. Many were interested to try it. They also started to tell the readers about the full information about the suit in their blog.

They also show the greater potentials from this Tesla Virtual Reality Suit for the industry in many kinds. We’ll explain it in the section below. However, the suit became more famous after its show in a recent event, the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

CES 2019

This suit that can give you a full body immersion virtual reality experience was also introduced recently in the even of Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas on January 8 to 11. 

After the introduction at that current even, it blew the internet. Many people are talking about how the full body virtual interface can give them so many potentials for the future. At the event, the Tesla suit held a training demo for all the registered participants. You’re very lucky if you’ve experienced it firsthand before others.

The demo, however, told them about the haptic feedback from the Tesla Virtual Reality Suit. Whether it’s cold or hot in that virtual environment, you can feel it directly on your skin. It’s really awesome. 

You know, with this technology, Ready Player One movie by Steven Spielberg could become a reality one day. One can feel what’s not real. Players can feel the things that they see, with full security for sure, so they can’t harm them.

But, some of you may wonder, how is it possible for the suit to “connect” to the virtual world. So connected that we can even feel the same situation and condition of a virtual environment. The reason behind this is in the section below.

The Details

So, let’s talk about the details that they put on the suit

The Tesla suit consists of the two full body suit for jacket and trousers, there are not VR gloves for it
Material that used for the suit is the smart fabrics, which durable, washable, and easy to stretch. 
They put some features to the suit to be able to capture the immersive VR experience for the users, which will be mentioned below
It has wireless control by Bluetooth or wifi connection
32-128 electrodes
Rechargeable battery
Size from XS to XXXL, fully tailor-made

Main Features

About the main features here, there are about three main things that we’re gonna mention here, like Haptic Feedback System, Motion Capture System, and also The Temperature Control System.

1. Haptic Feedback System

Technology from the medical field (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Electrical Muscle Stimulation) for giving the wearer accurate sensations from the virtual world. Here’some of its key features :

Haptic Animations
Haptic Library
Real-time simulations
and many more

2. Motion Capture System

Making it easier for gaming companies to capture movements for their animations and characters via motion capture. In the suit, there are about 11 motion capture sensors that can give high-resolution data for professional motion capture output. Some key features are :

The Avatar System
On-Board Processing
Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android are fully supported
Unreal Engine, Motion Builder, and Unreal Engine compatibility

3. The Climate Control System 

Make the virtual ecosystem more real when it’s giving you an exact temperature condition of a specific place. It can give you both cold and hot sensations in almost near-real-time changes. 


With all those benefits the suit can give to the people, of course, there are so many potentials from the usage of this fully immersive virtual reality suit. 

Theme parks can have their own VR arcade room for the visitors. They can enjoy battling with their enemies in the virtual world without harming themselves. Minimalizing the accident risks and give them unlimited enjoyment.

Many industrial businesses will also get some potential benefits from the suit. For example, they can even build a prototype of an automotive and test it virtually without risking for potential damages for both testers and the prototype. Finding the errors and correcting it would be much easier. The same thing also goes for sport and aerospace industry.

The last high potential from this Tesla Virtual Reality Suit is for the gaming industry. Developers can now make amazing games that can be played with AR/VR technology. They can bring a whole new experience for gamers with high-quality animations, effects, and immersive environments.

Here’s an example of the Teslasuit gameplay by Techradar:

VR Suit Price

Now, for the last question of all, “How much is it?”. For this great technology, comes a great price that you should pay. You can choose to get one or both, from Pioneer and Prodigy versions. Pioneer is about $1.500, while the Prodigy at the most expensive price, $2.750. It’s actually more affordable than the Axon VR Suit Price (which rumored to be more than $4.000 a piece).
Is that price really worth it? Tell us about your opinions in the comment section below.

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