Top 12 Virtual Reality Movies You Should Watch in 2019

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Seeing the VR technology has so many possibilities to be the future technology for entertainment, many people are challenging themselves to make the movies that will look best in Virtual Reality headsets.

Alongside the use of VR for educational purposes, you can also try to watch some of your favorite movies in the whole new method. The experience will be very different than the usual method of seeing movies.

With VR headset, you can get this kind of direct approach from the movie straight to your eyes. You can even see some details closer with the help of the device. With the great focus to the movie, you can understand it more clearly.

So, on this list, we want to give our recommendations of the virtual reality movies that you should watch in the year 2019 (Movies that will look good in VR). With the price of VR devices getting lowered at the first month of the year, buying one wouldn’t be a wound.

We want to tell you about the gems from two main categories, the 2D Movies and 360 Short Movies that you should watch by your VR headset. Here they are :

The 2D Movies

In the first category, we want to explain a little bit about the 2D Movies. Yes, it’s possible to watch all your favorite movies with VR. All you need is the device, file of your beloved movies, and also the third party app in order to make it “perfect” for the headset.

You can just sit down, put your head in the most comfortable position, grab some popcorn, and let the time flows while watching the masterpiece. However, there are about six recommendations of 2D Movies that you should watch. Remember, this list is not only about VR-related movies, but also all the movies that look so good in Virtual Reality Headset.

(Note: If you have issues like dry eyes, motion sickness or dizziness, you need to take off your VR headset and rest for minutes) 

1. The Matrix 

The first movie that you should watch in VR is The Matrix. The 1999 movies will tell us about the journey of a computer programmer, Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) to the underworld to seek the true meaning of The Matrix

The movie was released in 1999, granted Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 2000, Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing, and other outstanding achievements in 2000. It has solid 8,7/10 at IMDB and 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. Ready Player One

The next recommended virtual reality movie in 2D is Ready Player One. Seeing a movie about virtual reality game, with actual virtual reality device. The trailer blasted everyone back in 2018, showing the virtual world that we all can relate, the VR world. 

Follow the thrilling story of Parzival and the gang to find the golden easter eggs seeking the great reward, ownership of OASIS. Of course, someone would also get those eggs in any way. But who is he?

This movie that directed and produced by Steven Spielberg is a must see the movie in VR. In fact, we’ve seen it first in the device and it’s quite an amazing and immersive experience.

3. Tron

The world of robotics can always capture us. So does Sam Flynn who wants to find his own father. With the help of his dad’s partner, Alan, he could enter the world that was created by his father, the Tron System. Of course, finding his dad wouldn’t be easy peasy. 

In the movie, you’ll see advanced technology that displayed nicely through the visuals. With the use of VR headset, seeing them would be a nice and immersive activity.

4. The Incredibles 2 

Following the story of The Incredibles, where the house of Incredibles Family was destroyed by the explosion. The illegal status of superheroes makes it hard for them. Everything is bad, and it seems to be the dark age for all superheroes. 

All of them need to stay hidden undercover. Someday, an enthusiastic man gives them an offer. An offer that will change all.

The Incredibles 2 receives very well reviews from popular sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. In both sites, the movie has 7.8/10 and 94% score. It packed with actions, humor, and real-life topics that can relate to us. Seeing this nice virtual reality movie in 2018 with VR for about an hour will feel like seconds. 

5. Insidious The Last Key 

This movie is the fourth installment of Insidious Series, staring the same characters like Elise and her two friends, Specs and Trucker. Someday they got a call from Ted Garza, who stated that he’s experiencing abnormal activities in his house. 

Later on, we’ll discover that the house is actually the childhood home of our main character, Elise. Is there a thing that left behind?
Insidious the Last Key has about 103 minutes duration that will look great in your Virtual Reality Headset.

6. IT 

The iconic movie is back, and it’s ready to hunt you in virtual reality. Despite its memes being everywhere, this nostalgic movie that packed with jumpscares, friendship, and many faces of Pennywise. 

However, the movie has a nice score at Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a solid 95%. Aside from the 2D full movie that you can watch in VR, you can also taste the most impressive experience in IT: Float VR short movie, a 360 short movie served by Warner Bros. Pictures. And you can watch it online n Youtube.

360 Short Movies Movies 

Now, in this section, we want to give you numbers of the 360 short virtual reality movies. The duration of them is not longer than 10 minutes. But they will give an amazing experience nonetheless, in every second of it.

1.Ouja 2 

Ouja 2

In this short movie section, we don’t want to spoil anything because how short their duration is. However, as the first movie in the section, Ouja 2 can be a great horror movie experience for people who have their VR Headset on the first time. Ouja 2 : Origin of Evil can be an immersive movie as an addition to its initial movie. For the duration, the movie will take you to a scary journey for 2 minutes.

Duration: 2.20 minutes

2. Inside the Chamber of Horrors 

Inside the Chamber of Horrors

Another 2 minutes movie, Inside the Chamber of Horrors, will show you the experience inside a very tiny room. There, you are a hostage of an unknown culprit. The room seems calm at first, with another dead hostage beside you, who looks..dead. But things will change after the lights go off. 

Duration: 2.11 minutes

3. My Brother’s Keeper (H3)

My Brother's Keeper

Now let’s go out of the horror section, for a warming story of two brothers. The storytelling us about these young brothers from early life to the cold and hardness of war. How can they survive it?

The short movie was delivered so well by PBS Digital Studios back in 2017.

Duration: 10.56 minutes

4. Ashes to Ashes 

Ashes to Ashes

If you’re dead, how the family will handle your last wish? Ashes to Ashes is a combination of both tragic and comic, telling us about a dysfunctional family ways to handle the wish of grandfather. All the scenes are seen from the dead grandpa’s perspective. As the movie flows, the hidden secret of the family will unravel.

Duration: 10.53 minutes

5. The Invisible Man 

Invisible Man Movie

An absurd story about two narcotics traffickers, Kid and Nick, found a great secret for their business. They have narcotics with pretty high value but also hidden. At the same time, they remember having a debt to Frank, a great amount of Debt. But how they settle it? Are they two gonna pay it with their valuable or narcotics, or else?

Duration: 10.17

Honorable Mention: Animations for Kids

Jack of All Trades 

Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades is not just one single short movie, but it consists of many different episodes. All the episodes are really suitable for your kids. Each one of them is telling different kinds of profession, giving the kids how people work as the butcher, carpenter, and many more. 

It’s very entertaining and education sketches for the children out there. With the cartoonish design, kids will be very interested to watch it.

That’s all about the virtual reality movies that you should see this year. But, the train doesn’t stop here. If you want to feel the same amazing experience of seeing movies in VR, you also need info about the things that you need to prepare first in order to get it works.

Stuff You Need to Watch Movies in Virtual Reality

To see all those virtual reality movies, you just need some basic stuff like :

VR Devices
Phone and PC that compatible for VR
Third-app for converting 2D Videos to VR Supported Videos (for watching 2D Movies)
So, in order to enjoy all your favorite movies in VR, you need to prepare all those items in order to get a really nice entertainment experience. However, our list is just our recommendations. If you have your favorite ones, please kindly share nice info about them and why we should watch them in the comment section below.

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